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Etobicoke, ON

The Class A Tool & Die Maker performs full range of tool and die work requiring high degree of skill and accuracy in planning, constructing, and repairing a wide variety of tools, gauges, fixtures, jigs, and dies where design is available or not. This position performs difficult development work, makes tool try-outs, and ensures their capability of running production.

The successful candidate must be able to diagnose and correct problems or trouble so that parts are consistently to standard to meet all customer specification. The Class A Tool & Die Maker is also capable of setting and running a wide variety of Four-Slide and power press machines. 

The Tool & Die Maker Class A has two main areas of responsibility: 

  1. Manufacturing and repairing tools
  2. Setting and running machines


Responsibilities: Manufacture and Repair of Tools

  • Designs and constructs and/or repairs tools, dies, gauges, jigs, fixtures of a complicated nature ensuring interchangeability of parts, accurate fit with close tolerances or fit to produce parts consistently to standard to meet drawing or sample specifications.
  • Plans and performs all bench and required machine operations to complete constructions of tools and dies.
  • Subjects tools to hardening and tempering to ensure tool performance and longevity.
  • Fits and tests tooling to assure desired results; tests on machine to manufacture samples to required specification.
  • Removes tools from machine and records all data necessary for future reference in setting-up and using tools.
  • Monitors tooling on an on-going basis to ensure accuracy in manufacturing parts repairing as necessary 

Responsibilities: Setting and Running of Machines

  • Sets and runs machines in the Four-Slide and Power Press departments remaining with machine until dimensions are holding
  • Parts are produced consistently to specifications
  • Monitors machine operator
  • Ensures standards are met
  • Checks quality of parts 
  • Ensures safety precautions are adhered to



  • Minimum of high school diploma or equivalent
  • Formal apprenticeship or fully equivalent training and experience (classroom as well as on the job)
  • Machine shop training preferred.
  • Completion of a 4 year apprenticeship program (classroom and on the job)
  • 5+ years (minimum) job specific experience in the industry
  • Basic literacy (reading and writing).
  • Well-developed mathematical skills, and able to use decimals, algebra, geometry ,and solve angle problems.
  • Well-developed mathematical skills for checking and recording part dimensions and other necessary data.
  • Knowledge of physics and drafting required to manufacture necessary tools and dies.
  • Gross and fine motor dexterity and skills.
  • Ability to read and interpret drawings in metric standard.
  • Well-developed comprehension, analytical, and reasoning skills required to understand drawing requirements.
  • Ability to use testing, measuring, and gauging equipment and verify results to part specification recording data on appropriate sheets.
  • Knowledge of Statistical Process Control and quality assurance.
  • High level of mechanical ability to use necessary tools and equipment in the manufacturing and repairing of tools and dies.
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills required to plan, construct and design or re-design and/or repair broken or worn tools.
  • High levels of creativity, initiative, and ingenuity required to design appropriate tooling as well as determine causes of problems with machine or production.
  • High levels of attention to detail (both visual and auditory) required while setting up and running machines to ensure parts are manufactured to correct specification and prevent machine malfunction, as well as monitoring operators within the departments supervised.
  • Ability to use a variety of machines and equipment including drill press, lathe, milling machines, grinders, as well as testing equipment (shadow graph etc.).
  • Knowledge of health and safety precautions necessary when working in and around heavy machinery.


Those that require accommodation during the recruitment process are to make their needs known.


Only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.


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